This is a list of people who have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the fair, both visibly and behind the scenes. A special thanks to all whose names appear here.

Board of Trustees

Chairman Dwayne Campbell
TreasurerShane Woods
SecretaryMargaret Fergon
  • Trey Seastrunk
  • Dr. Jianzhong Su
  • Dr. Carter Tiernan

Operating Committee

Fair Director

  • Dr. Yuan B. Peng

Scientific Review Committee

  • Dr. Yi Zhang (Chair)
  • Dr. Jianzhong Su
  • Dr. Yuan B. Peng

Webmaster & Database

  • Douglas Abernathy

Operating Committee

  • Duane Cuttrell (Chair)
  • Matias Barcenas
  • John Colotta
  • Dr. Mark Eley
  • Margaret Fergon
  • Paula Hahn
  • Spencer Jones
  • Troy Lambert
  • Valerie Martinez
  • Sue Ott
  • Kathleen Sassman
  • Dr. Carter Tiernan
  • Jeff Vermette
  • Mary Vermette

The fair is made possible with your support!

We are a Regeneron ISEF-affiliated fair.

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